By Allison Reynolds

We sit in the peaceful quiet of her dining room and she brings me a hunk of cheese. Of course – what did I expect? This is the cheese lady after all. “This one is for you to take home and enjoy for later on” she says. I am giddy.

When we started working on this website project, I didn’t realize how much I was going to learn about cheese, or how much I would sincerely enjoy spending time with Judy in person. She is a wealth of knowledge in a fun, laid back and friendly package. Plus, she is practically my next door neighbor, which makes me extremely lucky! Some neighbors you borrow salt from, some you borrow rare cheeses. How rough is my life?

Judy tells me about their time running the cheese shop and the bakery in San Francisco for the many years she and her husband Charlie worked together (he the baker), before they retired and moved here to Calaveras county. Judy doesn’t act like it, but she’s practically world famous in the cheese world that is. Every cheese shop I visit in California – they know who Judy is. Her reputation and expertise proceed her, which is why we are so lucky to have her here in Calaveras county, and why I’m so lucky to be here working with her on this project.

Our trade is such – she is going to help me source goat milk and learn how to make goat cheese in exchange for assisting with a website. Seems like a fair trade right? But I know the truth, I have the better end of the bargain. 

Judy is busy all the time with cheese classes, private tastings, educational programs at local wineries and even the Cheese Buffets at many of the Dell Webb communities in Northern CA. She is getting busier all the time. My recommendation if you love cheese and want to do a great, unique and memorable cheese event for your customers or loved ones, is to get on the phone with her ASAP and book her into your schedule.

Judy is a rare resource, an old school expert with immense knowledge about her topic of passion – unique, artisan cheeses from around the world. She goes on a cheese and wine finding trip annually with her husband Charlie and always brings back new and unusual products, for which she remarkably is able to find sources for importing and sourcing on a regular basis here in the USA.

Take advantage of the knowledge Judy has to share, and maybe she’ll even share some cheese with you “for later on”.

Get in touch with Judy by calling her at 415-297-6437